April 28, 2018


Pleasanton Homes for Sale, 30% Buyers CASH Rebate

The average Bay-AreaHomes Buyer Cash Rebate on a Pleasanton home is $5,769*
Pleasanton is located in the San Francisco Bay Area, between Dublin and Livermore. The City has a strong economy and is home to a number of large company headquarters including Safeway Inc., Hitachi and Oracle. Pleasanton with it’s preservation of the historic downtown area is known for many surviving examples of differing styles of architecture. These date all the way back to the mid 1800s, the beauty of which can be observed all within close proximity.

Sunny and mild all year round, the city of Pleasanton is blessed with natural beauty and an impeccable quality of life. Over 65,000 people make their homes in Pleasanton with its family oriented lifestyle and old world charm of downtown. Pleasanton, with it’s small town feel, is a great city from a recreational perspective boasts parks and community led cultural festivals, concerts and street fairs. With its safe streets, varied real estate and great schools, Pleasanton is a highly desirable place to live.

The Pleasanton real estate market is diverse, boasting a wide range of properties of varied character.
Condominiums and Townhomes throughout Pleasanton range from $170,000 to the $700,000 range. Single family detached homes range in price from $400,000 to the $3,500,000 range for homes boasting views.
Larger estate-style homes in Ruby Hill are available ranging in price from $4,000,000 to in excess of $7,500,000 where views of the rolling hills can be enjoyed.

Alamo Buyer Rebate* $10,414
Berkeley Hills Buyer Rebate* $6,044
Danville Buyer Rebate* $8,297
Diablo Buyer Rebate* $7,798
Dublin Buyer Rebate* $5,036
Emeryville Buyer Rebate* $2,412
Lafayette Buyer Rebate* $5,084
Moraga Buyer Rebate* $4,359
Oakland Hills Buyer Rebate* $7,115
Orinda Buyer Rebate* $6,466
Pleasant Hill Buyer Rebate* $3,246
Pleasanton Buyer Rebate* $5,769
San Ramon Buyer Rebate* $6,138
Walnut Creek Buyer Rebate* $5,255
Blackhawk Country Club $9,833
Gale Ranch by Shapell $4,750
Norris Canyon Estates $11,790
Ruby Hill Country Club $16,740
Stonebrae Estates Rebate* $6,921
Wilder Orinda Rebate* $19,422
Windemere San Ramon $5,973

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