April 28, 2018


Oakland Hills Homes for Sale, 30% Buyers CASH Rebate

The average Bay-AreaHomes Buyer Cash Rebate on an Oakland Hills home is $7,115*
The Oakland Hills surround the San Francisco Bay area and are part of the Pacific Coast Ranges. The Oakland Hills or Contra Costa Hills (as they have been more formally known) refer to the section along the eastern Oakland side of the Berkeley Hills range. Sunny and mild all year round the Oakland Hills are blessed with natural beauty and an impeccable quality of life. The Oakland Hills are famed for both their luxurious homes and the fantastic panoramic views of the Bay and Pacific ocean. The open spaces and outdoor lifestyle can be enjoyed to the full with exceptional walks and trails to embark on as well as the beautiful recreational Tilden Park and Sibley Park.

In 1991 there was a large fire in the Oakland Hills “The Oakland Firestorm”. This caused devastation to the area, however lessons have been learned from this. A further fire occurred in 2008 and thanks to the measures put in place since the 1991 experience, this was promptly contained and extinguished. One of the positives to come out of this natural disaster is the phenomenal sense of community that now exists. The same huge spirit, courage and care for neighbors that was needed to re-build homes can still me witnessed today. The idealistic hillside setting and stunning views of the area make the Oakland Hills an exceptional and exquisite area to live where residents are able to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings to the full.

The Oakland Hills real estate market is upscale and diverse. There are numerous newly rebuilt homes with a variety of architectural style which add to the character of this desirable area. Homes for sale with luxurious amenities dominate this attractive neighborhood, though homes are available to fulfill a wide variety of styles and budgets.

Condominiums and townhouses in the Oakland Hills start below $250,000 up to the $400,000 range.
Single family three and four bedroom detached homes range in price starting below $400,000 to the mid $1,500,000 range.
Larger estate-style homes in the Oakland Hills with dramatic views of the San Francisco Bay and city range in price from $1,700,000 to $4,500,000.
Raw land is in short supply, however new custom built homes are available within the Oakland Hills.

Alamo Buyer Rebate* $10,414
Berkeley Hills Buyer Rebate* $6,044
Danville Buyer Rebate* $8,297
Diablo Buyer Rebate* $7,798
Dublin Buyer Rebate* $5,036
Emeryville Buyer Rebate* $2,412
Lafayette Buyer Rebate* $5,084
Moraga Buyer Rebate* $4,359
Oakland Hills Buyer Rebate* $7,115
Orinda Buyer Rebate* $6,466
Pleasant Hill Buyer Rebate* $3,246
Pleasanton Buyer Rebate* $5,769
San Ramon Buyer Rebate* $6,138
Walnut Creek Buyer Rebate* $5,255
Blackhawk Country Club $9,833
Gale Ranch by Shapell $4,750
Norris Canyon Estates $11,790
Ruby Hill Country Club $16,740
Stonebrae Estates Rebate* $6,921
Wilder Orinda Rebate* $19,422
Windemere San Ramon $5,973

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