April 28, 2018


Danville Homes for Sale, 30% Home Buyers CASH Rebate

The average Bay-AreaHomes Buyer Cash Rebate on an Danville home purchase is $8,297*
Danville often referred to as the “Heart of the San Ramon Valley” is a suburb of the East San Francisco Bay Area. The Las Trampas Ridge is to the west of Danville and the Diablo Ridge to the east. Danville is well known for its exclusive lifestyle and great sense of community. The many country clubs, fine dining restaurants, art gallery and “The Village Theater” all enhance this desirable area. Danville also has a farmer’s market on Saturday mornings where fresh produce and musical entertainment can be enjoyed whilst shoppers browse. Interstate 680 and the community use of the BART are the main means of transport out of the town.

An outdoor lifestyle can be pursued from Danville with a popular trail for leisurely strolls or jogging. There are also shops and restaurants en route to be enjoyed. In addition to this there is the area landmark of the beautiful peak of Mount Diablo which stands at 3,849 feet tall. Sunny and mild all year round, Danville is blessed with natural beauty and an impeccable quality of life which is why almost 42,000 people make their homes there. Danville offers attractive and safe streets, open spaces and a great standard of living.

The Danville real estate market is upscale and diverse, boasting a wide range of properties of varied sizes and prices. Homes for sale with luxurious amenities dominate Danville’s attractive communities.
● Condominiums and Townhomes throughout Danville start around $200,000 to $600,000.
● Single family three and four bedroom detached homes range in price from $350,000 to the low $1,000,000 range.
● Larger estate style homes in Danville and Blackhawk of extreme luxury can range in price from $1,500,000 to over $5,000,000.

Alamo Creek by Shapell Homes, Danville
Alamo Creek is unlike other new home communities. With 39 unique architechtural designs, a captivating Danville setting plus planned recreation grounds, soccer fields and aquatic complex, this is definitely a development worth considering.

Alamo Buyer Rebate* $10,414
Berkeley Hills Buyer Rebate* $6,044
Danville Buyer Rebate* $8,297
Diablo Buyer Rebate* $7,798
Dublin Buyer Rebate* $5,036
Emeryville Buyer Rebate* $2,412
Lafayette Buyer Rebate* $5,084
Moraga Buyer Rebate* $4,359
Oakland Hills Buyer Rebate* $7,115
Orinda Buyer Rebate* $6,466
Pleasant Hill Buyer Rebate* $3,246
Pleasanton Buyer Rebate* $5,769
San Ramon Buyer Rebate* $6,138
Walnut Creek Buyer Rebate* $5,255
Blackhawk Country Club $9,833
Gale Ranch by Shapell $4,750
Norris Canyon Estates $11,790
Ruby Hill Country Club $16,740
Stonebrae Estates Rebate* $6,921
Wilder Orinda Rebate* $19,422
Windemere San Ramon $5,973