May 17, 2019


Bay-AreaHomes REBATES 65% of Our Commission to our Buyers!


I REBATE 50% of my Real Estate Commission to my Buyers

80% Buyer Rebate on Brand New Homes!
I must register you at the Community on your 1st visit

Buy a home with me and receive a cash rebate of HALF my commission. To qualify for this offer Buyers agree to tour homes themselves via Open Houses and Broker Tours.  Let me know of a property that interests you and I will take things from there. Comparative Market Analysis, Negotiating your offer, All Inspections and Appraisals to Closing. Home sellers normally offer a buyer’s agent commission of 2.5% – 3.0% of the purchase price. 

Your rebate will be 1.25% – 1.5% of the purchase price*

How will I receive my California real estate commission rebate?

  1. Credit on your closing statement – My rebate will be itemized on your HUD1 closing statement as a credit.  Buyers can apply their rebate to closing costs, which include loan fees, property taxes and escrow-related fees. As my commission refund may exceed closing costs by thousands of dollars, I can issue my client a check for the excess.  Your Lender will require that you have sufficient funds from your personal savings, Stocks or a Gift (documented with a Gift Letter) to cover your down payment, closing costs and reserves.  A Broker Rebate typically cannot be used towards your down payment and you should confirm with you Lender if a Broker Rebate is allowed.
  2. Check after the close of escrow – some clients prefer to receive their rebate outside of escrow.  In this case I will mail your rebate check on the day of escrow closing.

Is a California real estate commission rebate taxable? 

NO, real estate commission rebates are not considered taxable by the IRS.  A rebate will reduce the cost basis of your home (the price you paid).  For example: If you purchase a $1,000,000 home and I rebate you 1.5% ($15,000 assuming 3% commission) your cost basis would be $985,000.   It represents an adjustment to the purchase price of the home and generally is not part of a purchaser’s gross income.  When you sell your home any profit would be based on that purchase price. I do not report a commission rebate to the IRS and I will not issue you a Form 1099.  With all tax related concerns please verify with your Tax Attorney as individual situations may vary.  See this article on the subject from Redfin:  “IRS Rules That Redfin Does Not Have to Report Commission Refunds as Taxable Income

Is a commission rebate legal?

100% YES, The United States Department of Justice has a webpage entitled “Rebates Make Buying a Home Less Expensive“.  Ten states have enacted laws that forbid brokers from offering refunds, thankfully, California allows me to share my commission with you.

(*subject to a minimum commission of $10,000 to Steve Atkinson, Broker)

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* Bay-AreaHomes requires a minimum fee of $10,000 per transaction with the balance rebated to our Buyers, up to 50% of our commission. There is no rebate on homes under $500,000.